NTest Releases White Paper on Fiber Monitoring

NTest, leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions for optical fiber monitoring, has just published a new white paper discussing the use of a Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) to create a proactive maintenance strategy by predicting which fibers are most likely to fail in a carriers optical network and prioritizing their replacement.

Early adopters of fiber optics are finding a rising number of failures due to fiber degradation of their initial network deployments. These carriers estimate they have billions of dollars of fiber that needs to be replaced over the next decade. "Historically, carriers have utilized a reactive approach to fiber failures," stated Troy Veitenheimer, General Manager of NTest. "It is the reactive maintenance or unplanned failures that have the most detrimental effect on a carriers uptime and are the highest cost to resolve."

Today, fiber monitoring provides the foundation to predict which fibers are the most likely to fail. NTest's FiberWatch solution uses an OTDR placed at a centralized location programmed to continually test critical fibers. Maintenance is performed after one or more actual fiber health indicators show that the fiber is going to fail or that performance has deteriorated below a selected threshold. The ultimate goal is to perform maintenance at a predicted point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective. Each fiber can be prioritized and a realistic budget put in place that can essentially eliminate fiber disruptions due to aging fiber. FiberWatch fiber monitoring data creates business intelligence and is a key differentiator in a competitive market.

The NTest White Paper "Predictive Fiber Monitoring for Aging Optical Networks" is available free of charge at www.ntestinc.com/documents.html.