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NTest FiberWatch™ PON Remote Fiber Test System Helps Oman Broadband Company Transform the Nation’s Online Experience

PON Fiber-Optic Monitoring Provides Network Visibility reducing MTTR

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NTest, producer of FiberWatch™ the world’s most advanced Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) announced its successful collaboration with Oman Broadband (The company). The Company, owned by the government of the Sultanate of Oman, created a vision to provide high speed broadband infrastructure reaching 95% of urban premises by 2030. In addition, Oman Broadband will close the rural connectivity gap by 2020 with broadband infrastructure, unlocking economic benefits aligned with the government’s vision to build a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

“Oman Broadband is rapidly expanding its coverage with broadband infrastructure services in a geographically challenging environment by deploying and operating future proof, environmentally green open access infrastructure,” said Troy Veitenheimer, general manager at NTest. “Every foot of fiber deployed in the network is a valuable resource. FiberWatch ensures Oman Broadband has visibility into the entire network, all the way to the home or business optical network terminal. The team now closely monitors for potential issues to minimize network downtime and enhance overall customer experience.”

Designed for full-service, emerging and next-generation public and private fiber-optic networks, FiberWatch is the first RFTS that helps network operations managers be proactive. From monitors in the network operations center, technicians view a custom dashboard to ensure the highest levels of quality of service (QoS) and optimal network security and reliability.

“We chose to work with NTest because they meet our requirements and provide us with an optimal solution to monitor our network in order to enhance our customer experience,” said Majid Al Kharoosi, General Manager of Operations and Maintenance, Oman Broadband. “Our network rollout is happening fast. We have 15,000-plus km of fiber deployed passing more than 370,000 homes. With FIberWatch, we can closely monitor our entire fiber-optic network and quickly fix issues when they occur – often before customers even know an interruption in service happened in case of optical power degradation.”

FiberWatch provides users with 24X7 physical layer fiber monitoring that allows network operators, service providers and enterprise organizations to ensure the health of fiber-optic networks. Using proprietary Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) technology, Oman Broadband’s Concern Team can monitor and test multiple fibers and identify, within a meter of accuracy, where a break in service occurred, reducing mean time to repair by 70%. The system also provides comprehensive network reporting, trends analysis and alarm management.

For more about FiberWatch, visit: http://www.ntestinc.com/fiberwatch/

About Oman Broadband
Oman Broadband Company was founded in 2014 as a joint-stock company wholly owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman. Unlocking the potential for greater connectivity and productivity, while enabling the knowledge economy, the role of Oman Broadband is vital for transforming the nation’s online experience. Through its collaborative approach, Oman Broadband is working to empower the nation by rolling out high-speed broadband infrastructure, benefitting citizens and businesses alike. The Company aims to deliver maximum national coverage in line with the Digital Oman strategy, e-government and Oman Vision 2040. The next generation broadband infrastructure network will deliver an exponentially faster and broader online experience, bringing benefits to society and the business sector with an enhanced delivery of communication services, cost savings, increased competitiveness and improved sustainability. The Oman Broadband Company are unlocking the potential for Oman to become an increasingly connected nation, supporting the growth of the online economy, allowing new ways of doing business and boosting the rapidly growing SME sector. Oman Broadband is focused upon the deployment of a broadband infrastructure, providing equal and open access to telecommunication service providers on a wholesale basis, enabling end users to efficiently leverage high speed fibre connectivity in Oman, visit www.omanbroadband.com

About NTest
NTest (www.ntestinc.com) helps customers around the globe deliver network uptime and maintain service level agreements. The company was the first to develop remote fiber test systems and advanced technology for active fiber monitoring, dark fiber monitoring and passive optical networks (PON). FiberWatch™ is deployed in more than 60 countries, enabling the world’s fiber-optic networks to connect global businesses, mission-critical infrastructure, neighborhoods and people.

We monitor networks around the globe from the Australian outback to the Arabian desert, from New York City to Moscow.

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