Active Fiber Monitoring

Active Fiber Monitoring

The ability to monitor circuits that carry critical network bandwidth has never been more important.

Active fiber monitoring (AFM) gives you the ability to test live fibers for any degradation and guards against lengthy services outages and loss of revenue.

Through active fiber monitoring, network operators can measure—and track over time—network performance, while proactively identifying possible trouble from aging fibers that are ripe for replacement.


When to Deploy Active Fiber Monitoring

The ability to monitor both active fibers and dark fibers across a network provides the maximum flexibility to handle a host of network circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • Lack of “spare” dark fibers available
  • Current capacity of active fibers
  • Increased capacity demands of new services
  • Planned upgrades of terminal capacity
  • The testing philosophy of an operating company

AFM, coupled with domains, provides a new and intelligent customer management model. Key service level metrics now can be tracked over time and provided automatically to your customers.

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