Dark Fiber Monitoring

Dark Fiber Monitoring

Dark fiber monitoring (DFM) with NTest solutions provides a cost-effective way to monitor the integrity of optical fibers without added expenses or worries about tapping into transmission fibers.

The majority of Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS) today are connected to dark fibers.

Here’s why:

DFM deployments only require suitable placements of Remote Test Units for comprehensive coverage of fiber-optic cables to be monitored.

With dark fiber monitoring, one or more fibers not carrying traffic is selected for monitoring from each fiber-optic cable. If something happens to a fiber, it typically will happen to all fibers in the same cable. Monitoring only selected dark fibers makes it possible to monitor the entire fiber-optic network economically and efficiently.

Dark Fiber MonitoringWhen to Deploy Dark Fiber Monitoring

Not all networks are candidates for 100% dark fiber monitoring deployments. Considerations for deployment include:

  • The number of “spare” dark fibers on your network
  • Current traffic capacity on active fibers
  • Expected capacity demands of new or future network services
  • Planned network upgrades

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