Early Warning

Early Warning

Early Warning System

Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS) provide the only available early warning protection for optical problems.

Your networks—and your customers—depend on fiber. Do you know the status of that fiber today? Right now? Tomorrow? And can you rely on your fiber next year and beyond?

FiberWatch™ gives you the necessary information and insights to be proactive with fiber network maintenance before preventable failures and outages can happen.

Manage the optical layer of the network

Internet, mobile, voice and data travel over the fiber network. Staying on top of your network is critical to succeed and grow.

FiberWatch™ provides you details on the health of every meter of your network’s fiber, constantly checking it and reporting necessary details needed to evaluate and act.

If anything differs in the fiber-optic characteristics at any location in the fiber network, FiberWatch™ alerts you with an early warning.

Are you proactively managing the optical layer of your network with a remote fiber test system? Learn more about FiberWatch™ today.

Network Monitoring Benefits