FiberWatch™ History

FiberWatch™ History

First Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) in the telecommunications industry

Formerly known as QuestFiber, the FiberWatch™ RFTS has successfully monitored the health of fiber-optic networks successfully since 1994.

Over the years, we’ve built up a large installed base covering every corner of the globe. The NTest Team has deep expertise in the RFTS industry and years of experience in fiber-optic networks.

Customer Loyalty

It doesn't take much for our customers to realize how important monitoring the optical fibers can be. In network management, it is often difficult to pinpoint a problem, especially when typical management software goes into an "alarm storm." The FiberWatch™ System will alert the network monitoring staff, and definitively tell them what, when and where the problem is.

Most customers continue to expand their RFTS system after initial installation.

Some have been expanding it for over 10 years.

Leading Worldwide RFTS Provider 


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