FiberWatch™ provides GIS and fiber distance calculations. Fiber-optic events are easily assigned as map landmarks to make up a complete fiber route. Routes are managed through use of the "Route Configuration" dockable panel.


When you decide to create a custom NOC view, you can select the GIS based map as your primary screen—or the alarm table. It’s your choice. Save your favorite panel arrangement, set it as your default, and your desktop will be displayed just the way you saved it, each and every time you log-in.

Each route is assigned GPS latitude and longitude coordinates, so that our distance algorithms can determine where fiber-optic events occur. Selecting a route or landmark will highlight it on the map and vice-versa.


Need to set surveillance on a fiber circuit, or maybe just run an "On-Demand" test? Simply right click the circuit and the pop-up menu provides all available options. Can there ever be too many features? If you’re screen ever becomes too crowded with options, you can hide configuration and set-up visuals and just display what you want to see and know when monitoring your network, including the what, when and where.

Trace analysis is easy with FiberWatch™. Read more here.

Remote Fiber Systems

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We monitor networks around the globe from the Australian outback to the Arabian desert, from New York City to Moscow.