Report Creation

Report Creation

Reporting is fully integrated into the main application. As a main tab, reporting can be added as part of a desktop or exist as its own desktop. From any "reportable" table view, the report button in the toolbar will pop-up the report-generation screen seen here. The dialog is context-sensitive. It will automatically provide a drop-down menu of all report layouts that apply to the current selected table of information.

A report filter panel can also be displayed to allow filtering of report tables, based upon selected attributes. Our customers have found these report tables to be very useful as viewable information, so we’ve made them available in the main application.


All reports are automatically generated and distributed (via E-mail). FiberWatch™ provides several standard reports that correlate to all aspects of the system, as well as inventory, users, and access. The user interface provides information filtering, to enable granular reports on specific actions and events. Reports can be scheduled, automatically E-mailed to key personnel—or they can be saved online as a PDF.

Sample Failed Login Report


Short and Long-Term Analysis of Network

  • Performance
  • Statistical
  • Real-Time

Domain-Based Reports

  • Customer, operational, and service views of network
  • Reports can be based upon a single network span
  • Track optical QoS
  • SLA management


  • Failed login attempts
  • The who, what and when specific actions were performed by users

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