FiberWatch™ Features Include:


  • Integrated OTDR Module
  • Embedded Optical Switch
  • Local Database
  • Runs Independent of Server
  • OS and Software Media Provided
  • Small Form Factor


  • 24/7/365 Surveillance
  • OTDR Trace Comparison
  • Automatic Alarming
  • Distributed System Access
  • Workflow Management
  • OSS integration using SNMP
  • GIS Mapping and Fiber Route Calculations
  • Trace Events to Landmark Correlation
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Fiber Health Long-Term Trend Analysis
  • Network Can Be Logically Divided by Domain
  • Integrated Scheduler Can Run Tests at Appointed Intervals
  • Test On-Demand
  • Visual Trace Comparison with Graph Overlay
  • Comprehensive and configurable rotating logs
  • Web Accessible
  • User Management and Access Control
  • Test Head Distributed Intelligence

FiberWatch™ is a full turnkey solution. See why.

Remote Fiber Systems

NTest Inc.

We monitor networks around the globe from the Australian outback to the Arabian desert, from New York City to Moscow.