Ultimate Turnkey Solution

The Ultimate Turnkey Solution

FiberWatch™ is a total fiber monitoring system. You provide us the fiber-optic network, we provide everything else. Our system is flexible. It allows you to use your own computer peripherals for the server and/or clients. The NTest FiberWatch™ client software is easily used on shared client machines.


FiberWatch™ software comes pre-installed on Remote Test Units (RTUs), in addition to a pre-built server. We provide all software in our media kit. This is especially valued by customers who choose to re-install, re-configure, or replicate. The RTU runs the Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded Operating System, with remote user interface access pre-installed. This provides NTest network administrators a familiar interface to our remote units.


FiberWatch™ system RTUs always come pre-configured with all necessary hardware and default configuration settings. We also provide as part of our Turnkey System the server hardware with pre-installed server software, complete with Oracle® Database. Installation discs are provided for the server and client software for customers who prefer to provide their own servers and configure them. Alternatively, NTest can build a server to customer specifications and form factor(s).

Installation and Training

We have a passion for customer engagement. Many NTest professional staff spends the majority of their life in just about every country except their own. NTest can offer on-site support at the ready. We can also work with your best system administrator if you’d like to have him or her visit us for in-depth training in our lab.


We believe our software is robust and runs without network connectivity, rotating logs, etc. We’re here to help, so please ask a sales representative how we can assist you in the maintenance of your fiber network. We offer SLA contracts that include software upgrades and an all-inclusive hardware warranty.

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